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Heat and Trashcan Bacteria

You may have heard conflicting ideas about bacteria: heat kills bacteria and bacteria thrives in hot environments – like the trashcan. Technically, both are true. Bacteria can grow at various temperatures, from your freezer to hot springs. There is a happy point between both extremes where most bacteria grow the best. There are also various kinds of bacteria. We […]

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Killing a Task on the “Honey-Do” List

“Honey, could you pay the electric bill?” “Honey, please pick up dinner.” “Honey, can you clean the garbage can?” Do these requests sound familiar? A “honey-do” list is an assortment of tasks that you delegate to your partner. They are usually simple little chores around the house.  Having a well-maintained home requires teamwork. A honey-do

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Trash Cans Explained: Bacteria in Cold Weather

Brrr, it’s cold! That must mean that you don’t have to clean your trash can…right? Wrong! Just because the temperatures outside are freezing, it doesn’t mean all germs and bacteria inside your trashcan are killed off. The cold temperatures of your garage or outdoors only slows bacterial growth. According to USDA FIS, temperatures below 40°F can

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