Why We Love Earth Day

At We Wash, we love Earth Day! We enjoy the yearly celebration of our beautiful planet. Also, we believe in raising awareness about pollution and the importance of preserving our environment. Every year on April 22nd, we are reminded of our mission. For Earth Day this year, why not give a gift to planet Earth by using our environmentally-friendly company and a gift to you for the convenience of a clean trash can?

We Wash is an Earth safe company! We use safe methods to clean away all of the gross debris and odor left behind by waste in your garbage can.  Our specialized equipment uses the combined forces of high-temperature, high-pressure water and an environmentally-friendly chemical solution to provide our customers with a clean, safe, trashcan.

We also dispose of wastewater with the Earth at heart! Improper disposal of wastewater can be hazardous to your neighborhood. The water from cleaning a trashcan should always be disposed of properly and we adhere to all proper guidelines…this keeps our environment safe!

To commemorate Earth Day, why not try out our service? Each plan includes cleaning and sanitizing with 200°F degree high-pressure water, and an eco-friendly deodorizer. Plus, you will find our prices extremely affordable! Call us today! 219-510-5316.

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