Bacteria in Trashcans

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, trashcans are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs like Salmonella, E. Coli, and mold.

According to the CDC, it is important for public health to control waste, including household garbage. “Improperly managed waste can create conditions that may have severe adverse effects on public health, safety, and the environment. Proper storage, collection, transportation, and disposal are key elements to controlling biologic and infectious waste,” (cdc.gov).

Environmentalists make sure that trash handled properly, protecting us against disease outbreak. It feels good to know that when trash leaves your home, it is taken care of appropriately. But what about the trash inside your home?

Trashcans can become gross. Sure, you may use a liner, but leaks, spills, and residue can contaminate your actual can. When your trashcan isn’t appropriately cleaned:

  • Your family and visitors are at risk of coming into contact with disease like, E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.
  • Disgusting odors fill your home and garage.
  • Rodents, insects, and all kinds of pests are attracted to the smell of rotting food.
  • Trashcans that leak outside can be harmful for the environment.

What can you do? Many people try a DIY manual cleaning of their trashcans. As well-meaning as this is, it can let the germs and bacteria flow into your neighborhood’s drains and pollute the water. A solution to this problem is our services at We Wash.

We Wash is a trash and recycling can washing service. We have an environmental-friendly approach to cleaning and disinfecting your trashcan. You can rest assured that all the grime and odor will be eradicated and we properly dispose of waste water. We are locally owned and operated, and provide our services all over the Region. Contact us today using our contact us form or via telephone at 219-510-5316.

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