The Truth About Trashcan Wastewater

What do you do with the smelly, grimy, disease-ridden wastewater from cleaning your trashcan? Yes, you need to clean your trashcan but unfortunately, wastewater can be hazardous to your neighborhood. The water from cleaning should be disposed of properly.

Wastewater is any water that has been used by us in some way. We make wastewater everyday by doing things like washing our hands, cooking food, and cleaning. When water is used by us, it needs to be disposed of in the right way. This helps keep our environment safe!

When you wash your germ-laden garbage can, it is best that the water and cleaning products don’t find their way into the storm drain. At We Wash, our commitment to the environment is the staple of what we do. Not only do you let us do the “dirty work”, our team disposes of the wastewater in a safe, lawful, and eco-friendly way. Plus, our prices are affordable! For the price of 2 cups of coffee every month, you can be saving yourself time and also doing a good thing for the environment. Our plans start at 1 can every 28 days for just $10.00. Each plan includes cleaning and sanitizing with 200°F degree high-pressure water, an eco-friendly deodorizer, and the peace of mind that the wastewater is properly disposed of. Call us today! 219-510-5316.

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