Trash Cans Explained: Bacteria in Cold Weather

Brrr, it’s cold! That must mean that you don’t have to clean your trash can…right?


Just because the temperatures outside are freezing, it doesn’t mean all germs and bacteria inside your trashcan are killed off. The cold temperatures of your garage or outdoors only slows bacterial growth. According to USDA FIS, temperatures below 40°F can significantly slow down bacterial growth.  Only heat above 140°F can truly destroy bacteria. This means you should still wash your trash cans, even if you can see your breath and there is ice on the ground. Read even more about bacteria in trash cans in our previous blog article HERE.

Many families store their trash cans in the garage. Don’t forget rodents and pests would love to move into your garage. Why wouldn’t they? It is warmer outside and protects them from extreme temperatures. They even have a buffet of food scraps right in your garbage can. The stinky smell (even if it isn’t as yucky as the summer months) can attract bugs, mice, rats, and raccoons. These pests are a safety hazard to your home, so keeping your can clean is important.

Your intentions of cleaning your can might be good. But who wants to clean a garbage can? Maybe you can delegate the problem among family members. Although, do you really want to your children to touch that disease-ridden can? Do you want to touch it? And if you do, what do you do with the waste water which is hazardous to your neighborhood?

Here at We Wash, we solve these problems. We are a trash and recycling can wash service with an affordable, environmental-friendly approach to cleaning and disinfecting your trashcan. You can get 1 can washed once a month for just $10! Also, rest assured that all the grime and odor will be washed away and we properly dispose of waste water. We are locally owned and operated, and provide our services all over the Region. Contact us today using our contact us form or via telephone at 219-510-5316.

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