Dirty Trash Cans are a Pest Paradise

Pests are called pests for a reason: they bring harm to people. For instance, raccoons can bring fleas and Lyme Disease-carrying ticks which can find their way inside your home. Racoons may also do damage to your property and pose a bite-risk to you and your pets. Mice may look cute, but you don’t want to call them to your home with an unwashed can. They can wreak havoc in your house and leave droppings and urine to contaminate your food. Flies and roaches are also lured to your home, carrying all kinds of germs. Not to mention the cost and headache of getting an exterminator.

Why do pests love unwashed trash cans?

  • Cans are generally left a “safe” distance away from people
  • The smell of an unwashed can appeals to hungry critters
  • Unwashed cans often have little scraps of food left in them
  • Cans are typically undisturbed for long periods of time

We Can Wash can help reduce the number of pests that are attracted to your home because of your garbage can. Plus, it’s an affordable way to prevent pest problems! Call 219-510-5316 or email info@wecanwash.com

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