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Heat and Trashcan Bacteria

You may have heard conflicting ideas about bacteria: heat kills bacteria and bacteria thrives in hot environments – like the trashcan. Technically, both are true. Bacteria can grow at various temperatures, from your freezer to hot springs. There is a happy point between both extremes where most bacteria grow the best. There are also various kinds of bacteria.

We hear that bacteria thrives in warmth because their enzymes work best and their growth rate increases. In the cold, many continue to survive, yet their growth is stunted. On the other hand, extreme heat will kill them.

Bacteria can be classified according preference in temperatures:

  • Psychrophilic bacteria- likes colder environments to grow.
  • Mesophilic bacteria- enjoys moderate temperatures to grow.
  • Thermophilic bacteria-grow best at hot temperatures.

So, is your trashcan better or worse off in the summer? Overall, there is no “safe” zone for your trashcan. Your trashcan needs to be thoroughly cleaned year-round. You can’t see bacteria so it is always better to err on the side of caution, from the coldest to the hottest days of the year.

 There is a solution in Northwest Indiana to the most bacteria-laden chores of your household. At We Wash, we do it for you. We are a locally owned trash and recycling can wash service with an environmental-friendly approach to cleaning and disinfecting your trashcan. All you do is leave your empty can at the end of your driveway and we do the rest!

Best of all…it is affordable! You get 1 can washed once a month for just $10! Also, rest assured that all the grime and odor will be washed away and properly disposed. Contact us at 219-510-5316.

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