We Wash Makes the Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

With Father’s Day coming up, it would make a great gift to dad if you sign him up for We Wash trash can cleaning service. This way, he doesn’t have to do it himself, and it’s more time he gets to spend with you. It would take one irritating task off his hands, and he wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. It would also give him extra free time to do other things he wants to do. He wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle or the smell, ever again. Just think, this Father’s Day he could be inside kicking back, watching the Cubs game, instead of dreading cleaning the garbage can.

Not only are We Wash’s services eco-friendly, but they also take care of everything for you. They have a very diligent and effective process when cleaning your trash cans. Here’s how they do it.

1. Inspect the can for damage/integrity and serial number

2. Load the can for washing

3. Spray the can with an eco-friendly degreasing/cleaning product when needed

4. Wash the exterior of the can

5. Wash the interior of the lid

6. Raise the can over the specialized cleaning heads and the dirty water containment hopper

7. Turn on the high-pressure cleaning heads

8. Using approximately 200-degree water to, kill bacteria and germs flushing them away with the grime and foul odors.

9. Unload the can

10. Spray the interior of the can with a pleasant-smelling deodorizing disinfectant

11. Place the can back at the curb

They have many different plans at affordable costs to choose from. It was designed to have a plan for everyone, whether you live alone or run a large business. Every plan includes Eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing, 200°F degree high-pressure water, Eco-friendly deodorizer, and the wastewater is properly disposed of.

Option one: One can cleaned every 28 days – $10.00 a month.

Option two: Two cans cleaned every 28 days $7.50 per can $15.00 a month.

Option three: Three or more cans cleaned every 28 days $7.00 per can per month.

Option four: HOA’s, POA’s Commercial. Please call for a quote special rates apply.

For more information, please visit our website or call us at 219-510-5316.

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