Summer and the Danger of Unclean Trash Cans

You don’t need to be told that your trash contains bacteria and germs. Some of the common ones are; Salmonella, E. Coli, Yeast, Mold, or Staphylococcus aureus. And you likely don’t want to think about what’s left in your bins after they’re emptied and left in the sun all day. Neither your city nor your waste pickup service is coming back to clean them for you. But here at We Wash we will, and we are betting that once you’ve had your waste bins cleaned and sterilized, in a way that is safe for you and the environment, you’ll sign up for life.

Cleaning your trash bins wasn’t so difficult back in the days. They were small, round, and you could leave much of your garbage on the curb in tied-up plastic bags. Today, most waste haulers require residential customers to use two wheeled 64-gallon containers — a green one for garbage and a blue one for recyclables. The trash trucks pick them up with mechanical arms, and whatever doesn’t fit in those two bins usually isn’t taken.

Having a professional trash and recycle bin cleaning service is essential. Frequent cleaning is required to reduce the risk of biological infection from waste containers. For that reason, a routine maintenance approach ensures that your home is protected from common dangers.

By taking advantages of our services, there is a way to provide an efficient, easily affordable curbside trash and recycle bin-cleaning service to your community, protecting them from hazards of bacterial and fungal infection commonly detected on, in and around unclean bins. Using a highly effective ultra-high-pressure trash and recycle bin curb-side cleaning system, leaves your dirty smelling bins disinfected deodorized and smelling fresh. All while doing it safely to protect the environment.

If you need help clearing your trash cans each pick up, we’d love to help out with that. Give us a call at 219- 510- 5316 to start your weekly cleaning today.

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