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The Internet Loves Watching This Police Officer Unsuccessfully Try to Catch a Snake

When a snake was found in a University of Central Florida office, a campus police officer tried to capture it using a trash can.

In the video of the face off between the snake and the officer, the officer looks nervous and curses when it comes close. Others in the room are standing on chairs hoping to avoid the snake. Eventually, the officer is able to open a door letting the snake out, despite not being able to catch it using the trash can.

The UCF Police Department posted the video of the officer’s snake-catching attempt to its Facebook page, where it has gotten more than 20,000 views.“

#FridayFunny: We catch bad guys, not snakes. Even our officers get a little scared sometimes,” the caption read, along with a snake and a laughing emoji.

The panicky video ends on a positive note, though. After the snake slithers out, the officer raises his arms to celebrate with the rest of the cheering group.

You can read the whole article and watch the video here.

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